Were entirely ready to have these defects of character removed.

Some of our Character Defects

AngerFalse PrideProfanity
of Others

Housecleaning is not easy, especially when the dirt has been building up for so long. Most compulsive gamblers slither through life hiding from themselves and now strive to remove the mask so that one can see oneself.

In Step Four, we discovered many wrongs and after this discovery, strived to bring these wrongs to the surface. In Step Five, we admitted and discussed these defects with someone else.

The relief was magnificent. For the first time in a long time, one can feel as though one is no longer playing catch up. You will feel as though you could make it if you practiced the program and asked for and accepted the help of your Higher Power.

In Step Six, these defects of character must be worked on and eliminated, if you want the best chance possible to arrest this illness. We’re told that character defects and negative emotions are really disturbances to serenity. Strive for serenity and see that very little upsets you in this goal. In the old days everything was disturbing. Now, our awareness will prevent us from going back into the old way of life.

Your actual list of character defects is the best place to start. Based on your new found knowledge of yourself, select the one with which to start. One is all that you can handle at a time. If you pick your worst defect, any success will certainly help as you work on the others.

Be willing to move slowly and steadily and realize that every human being has character defects but retaining yours may lead you back to gambling. You shouldn’t subject yourself to these disturbances of serenity because you will place undue burden on your recovery.

At first, you may feel comfortable with some of these defects and are fearful about parting with them. But you will, given time, see the need for change and realize that these old enemies must go.

Willingness and honesty will be required to repeatedly try Step Six on all our defects.

  1. We should become willing to mature and grow.
  2. We must approach our growth slowly. “One Day At A Time.”


  • Did our aim at maturity start before or during GA?
  • Has our honesty improved?
  • Are we more open-minded and willing to listen to others?

There is no spiritual effort required to want to eliminate obvious destructive excesses.

  1. Most members are prone to settle for gradual improvement and just enough recovery to get by.
  2. Many members feel stopping gambling is “enough.”
  3. Any child will pull their hand off a flame.


  • Why should our recently discovered defects be removed?
  • Why should we attempt to “clean house?”
  • Name defects that we cling to, and are unwilling to remove until later. Why?

Step Six tells that we have natural talents for procrastination.

1. We dwell on our self-determined objectives and goals.


  • Is it our responsibility to widen our limited objectives and change our personality to a more perfect character?
  • Express your interpretation of a Higher Power’s will for you. Is there a meaning or purpose to your life?
  • Are abstaining members an example for 1st timers and newcomers?

Step Six is a pivot and turning point within the Recovery Program.

  1. Many pause and become undecided.
  2. Many balk at a view of personal perfection and the continuous effort(s) that will be required to change one’s personality.


  • What is the meaning and benefit of the slogan “One Day At A Time?”
  • Are we the masters of our fate?…”The Boss?”
  • Which is within our grasp: Perfection or efforts towards perfection?