Sometimes, even when friends in and outside of the Gamblers Anonymous Program tell us how well we’re doing, we know deep down that we’re really not doing well enough. We still have trouble handling life and facing reality on reality’s terms. We suspect, at those times, that there must be a serious flaw in our spiritual practice and development. Chances are strong that our trouble lies in either the misunderstanding or neglect of Step Eleven—prayer, meditation, and the guidance of God. The other Steps can keep most of us clean and functioning. But Step Eleven can keep us growing—so long as we try hard and work at it continuously.

Do I trust infinite God rather than my finite self?

Today I Pray

I pray for a deepening of my spiritual awareness, for a stronger faith in the Unseen, for a closer communion with my Higher Power. May I realize that my growth in the GA Program depends on my spiritual development. May I give over more of my trust to God’s eternal wisdom.

Today I Will Remember

I will not give in or give up, but give over to the power of God.