Is freedom from compulsive gambling all that we’re to expect from a spiritual awakening? Not at all. Freedom from our addiction is only the bare beginning; it’s only the first gift of our first awakening. Obviously, if more gifts are to come our way, our awakening has to continue. As it does continue, we find that slowly but surely we can scrap the old life—the one that didn’t work—for a new life that can and does work under any and all conditions.

Am I willing to continue my awakening through the practice of the Twelve Steps of Recovery?

Today I Pray

May I remember how it was when my only goal in life was to be free of compulsive gambling. All the words and phrases I used were stoppers—giving it up, quitting, cutting myself off. Once I was free, I began to realize that my freedom had more to do with beginning than stopping. May I now continue to think in terms of starters—expanding, awakening, growing, learning, becoming…

Today I Will Remember

My stopping was a starting point.