It’s still not exactly a piece of cake for me to accept today’s occasional pain and anxiety with any great degree of serenity, but I’m increasingly able to be thankful for a certain amount of pain. In the Gamblers Anonymous Program, we find the willingness to do this by going over the lessons learned from past sufferings—lessons which have led to the blessings we now enjoy. We can remember how the agonies of our gambling days—and the pain of rebellion and bruised pride—have often led us to God’s grace, and thus to new freedom.

Have I thanked my Higher Power for the miracle of my life this day?

Today I Pray

When I was helpless, I asked God for help. When I was hopeless, I reached out for His hope. When I was powerless over my compulsive gambling, I asked to share His power. Now I can honestly thank God that I was helpless, hopeless, and powerless, because I have seen a miracle.

Today I Will Remember

From powerless highs and lows to a Higher Power.