When I see new members come into Gamblers Anonymous, I am reminded first of the pain and the unmanageable mess I found myself in, and then the hope I felt once I became willing to accept the Gamblers Anonymous Program. When I see and hear the Old Timers, some with twenty years or more in GA, I am reminded that, if I am to continue to recover, I need to make this Program part of my daily life. Although I cannot forget yesterday, TODAY must be my main focus.

Do I know that if I make the GA Program part of my life today, I need not worry about the future or be burdened with regrets from the past?

Today I Pray

Make me doubly willing—to share my experiences with new members and to listen to those more experienced than I. Newcomers and Old Timers both offer me valuable lessons, if I will just listen and learn. Help me to learn more so that I may offer more.

Today I Will Remember

A good teacher remains teachable.