We learn from others in Gamblers Anonymous that the best way to deal with painful situations is to meet them head on, to deal with them honestly and realistically, and to try to learn from them and use them as springboards for growth. Through the GA Program and our contact with a Higher Power, we can find the courage to use pain for triumphant growth.

Will I believe that whatever pain I experience is a small price to pay for the joy of becoming the person I was meant to be?

Today I Pray

May my Higher Power give me the courage I need to stop running away from painful situations. If I once used gambling as an escape hatch from pain, may I be very aware that gambling itself became the pain, from which there was no escape until I found the GA Program. Now, may I face pain—past and present—and learn from it.

Today I Will Remember

Gambling: first a trap door, then a trap.