Years ago, Dr. Alfred Adler prescribed this remedy for depression to a patient: You can be healed if every day you begin the first thing in the morning to consider how you can bring a real joy to someone else. If you can stick to this for two weeks, you will no longer need therapy. Adler’s prescription, of course, is not much different from the suggestion that we work more intensively the Twelfth Step to rid ourselves of depression.

When I am depressed, do I keep my feelings to myself? Or do I do what friends in Gamblers Anonymous have suggested I do?

Today I Pray

May I turn myself inside out, air out the depression that has been closeted inside me, replace it with the comfortable feeling that I am cared about by real friends, then pass along that comfort to others caught in the same despair.

Today I Will Remember

The only real despair is loneliness—and loneliness is treatable.