The Gamblers Anonymous Red Book, in explaining Step Eleven, says A conscious contact seems to start with daily prayer. What is prayer? To some it is a personal chat with their Higher Power. So each of us can pray as we see fit. If at first prayer seems difficult, you can fake it until you make it. In time you will grow to eagerly accept prayer and know the rewards it will give you … Prayer enlarges the ability to cope.

Have I accepted prayer and meditation as a part of my life?

Today I Pray

I praise my Higher Power for my freedom to find my own understanding of God. May my life be God’s, whether I think of Him as a Father whose hand and spirit I can touch with an upward reach of my own, or as a universal Spirit that I can merge with as the hard outlines of my self begin to melt, or as a core of Divine and absolute goodness inside myself. May I know Him well, whether I find Him within me, without me, or in all things everywhere.

Today I Will Remember

I thank God, as I understand Him, for my understanding of Him.