I remember once hearing someone in the Gamblers Anonymous Program say, Life is a series of agreeings or disagreeings with the universe. There is much truth in that statement, for I’m only a small cog in the machinery of the universe. When I try to run things my way, I’ll experience only frustration and a sense of failure. If, instead, I learn to let go, success will assuredly be mine. Then I’ll have time to count my blessings, work on my shortcomings, and live fully and richly in the Now.

Do I believe that what I am meant to know I will know if I practice the Eleventh Step—praying only for the knowledge of His will for us and the power to carry that out?

Today I Pray

May I take my direction from the Eleventh Step—and not fall into my usual habit of making itemized lists for God of all my pleas and entreaties and complaints. May I no longer second-guess God with my specific solutions, but pray only that His will be done. May I count my blessings instead of my beseechings.

Today I Will Remember

Stop list-making for God.