We can be surrounded by people and still feel lonely. We can be all by ourselves and still feel happy and content. What makes the difference? We feel lonely if we look to other people for something they really can’t provide. No one else can give US peace of mind, an inner sense of acceptance, and serenity. And when we find ourselves alone, we needn’t feel lonely. God is with us; God’s presence is like warmth enfolding us. The more we’re aware of ourselves as beloved by God, the more we’re able to feel content and secure—whether we’re with others or alone.

Am I experiencing a sense of God at all times and in all places?

Today I Pray

May I understand that we each have our own kind of loneliness—whether we are young and friendless, old and kept waiting by death, bereft, left, running away, or just feeling out of it in a crowd. May my loneliness be eased a bit by the fact that loneliness is, indeed, a universal feeling that everyone knows first-hand—even though some lives seem more empty than others. May I—and all the lonely people—take comfort in the companionship of God.

Today I Will Remember

Shared loneliness is less lonely.