How many of us would presume to announce, Well, I’m on my way to licking the gambling habit. What more can I want, or do? I’m fine just the way I am. Experience has taught us that the price of such smug complacency—or, more politely, self-satisfaction—is an inevitable backslide, punctuated sooner or later by a very rude awakening. We have to grow, or else we deteriorate. For us, the status quo can only be for today, never for tomorrow. Change we must; we can’t stand still.

Am I sometimes tempted to rest on my laurels?

Today I Pray

May I look around me and see that all living things are either growing or deteriorating; nothing that is alive is static. Life flows on. May I be carried along on that life-flow, unafraid of change, disengaging myself from the snags along the way that hold me back and interrupt my progress.

Today I Will Remember

Living is changing.