Gamblers Anonymous has taught me that the essence of all growth for me is a willingness to change for the better. Following that, I must have further willingness to shoulder whatever responsibility this entails, and to take courageously every action that is required.

“I am and know and will;

I am knowing and willing;

I know myself to be and to will;

I will to be and to know.”

—St. Augustine

Is willingness a key ingredient of my life and the way I work the GA Program?

Today I Pray

I pray for willingness to do what I can, willingness to be what I can be, and—what is sometimes hardest—willingness to be what I am. I pray, too, for energies to carry out my willingness in all that I do, so that I may grow in the ways of God and practice the principles of the Program in all my affairs.

Today I Will Remember

I am and know and will.

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