During our days of active addiction, many of us displayed almost dazzlingly fertile powers of imagination. In no time at all, we could dream up more reasons—or excuses—for pursuing our addiction than most people use for all other purposes in their entire lives. When we first come to Gamblers Anonymous, our once-imaginative minds seem to become lethargic and even numb. Now what do I do? many of us wonder. Gradually, however, the lethargy disappears. We begin to apply our practiced imaginations to new, healthy challenges. We become turned on to life in ways that we never dreamed possible.

Am I finding that I can now enjoy activities that I wouldn’t even consider in the old days?

Today I Pray

May God give me a new surge of energy directed toward turning on to life rather than making excuses for not handling my responsibilities. May my Higher Power allow my out-of-order imagination to be restored—not to the buzzing overactivity and excuse-making of my gambling days, but to a healthy openness to life’s boundless possibilities.

Today I Will Remember

Turn on to life.