Conditioned as we are by our old ideas and old ways of living, it’s understandable that we tend to resist certain suggestions made to us when we first come to the Gamblers Anonymous Program. If that’s the case, there’s no need to reject such suggestions permanently; it’s better, we’ve found, just temporarily to set them aside. The point is, there’s no hard-and-fast right way or wrong way. Each of us uses what’s best for him or her at a particular time, keeping an open mind about other kinds of help we may find valuable at another time.

Am I trying to remain open-minded?

Today I Pray

May I be enlightened about the real meaning of an open mind, aware that my onetime definition of open-minded as broad-minded doesn’t seem to fit here. May I constantly keep my mind open to the suggestions of the solid many who came into this Program before me. What has worked for them can work for me, no matter how far-fetched or how obvious it may be.

Today I Will Remember

Only an open mind can be healed.

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