These days, I go to meetings to listen for the similarities between me and others in Gamblers Anonymous—not the differences. And when I look for the similarities, it’s amazing how many I find, particularly in the area of feelings. Today I go to meetings thinking that I’m here not because of anyone else’s addictions, but because of mine and, most importantly, what my addiction did to my spirit and body. I’m here because there’s no way I can stay free of my addiction by myself. I need the GA Program and my Higher Power.

Am I becoming less harsh in my judgment of others?

Today I Pray

May I stay alert as I listen, just one more time, to Jack or Jill or Fred or Sam or Martha go through his or her tale of woe or wail. May I find, when I listen with the wholehearted attention I want to be able to give, that each has something to offer me to add to my own life-tale. May I be struck once again by our samenesses. May each sameness draw us nearer to each other’s needs.

Today I Will Remember

In sameness there is strength.

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