Someone once defined the ego as the sum total of false ideas about myself. Persistent reworking of the Twelve Steps enables me gradually to strip away my false ideas about myself. This permits nearly imperceptible but steady growth in my understanding of the truth about myself. And this, in turn, leads to a growing understanding of God and other human beings.

Do I strive for self-honesty, promptly admitting when I’m wrong?

Today I Pray

God, teach me understanding; teach me to know truth when I meet it; teach me the importance of self-honesty, so that I may be able to say, sincerely, I was wrong, along with I am sorry. Teach me that there is such a thing as a healthy ego which does not require that feelings be medicated by action highs. May I—slowly, on my tightrope—move toward the ideal of balance, so I can do away with the nets of falsehood and compulsion.

Today I Will Remember

To keep my balance.

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