I’ll begin today with prayer—prayer in my heart, prayer in my mind, and words of prayer on my lips. Through prayer, I’ll stay tuned to God today, reaching forward to become that to which I aspire. Prayer will redirect my mind, helping me rise in consciousness to the point where I realize that there’s no separation between God and me. As I let the power of God flow through me, all limitations will fall away.

Do I know that nothing can overcome the power of God in my life?

Today I Pray

Today may I offer to my Higher Power a constant prayer, not just a once-in-the-morning-does-it kind. May I think of my Higher Power at dawn, coffee breaks, lunch, at dusk, or during a quiet evening—and at all times in between. May my consciousness expand and erase the lines of separation, so that the Power is a part of me and I am a part of the Power.

Today I Will Remember

To live an all-day prayer.