What causes compulsive gambling? Did we gamble because of some inner flaw or shortcoming or life situation? Gamblers Anonymous: A New Beginning says: We don’t know and … we cannot afford to care. Those who come to us need help immediately…. The benefits of introspection and speculation are paltry when compared to the rewards of helping others regain their lives. Although we all want to be rid of our character flaws, by just sharing honestly with others in the Program, some of our shortcomings will come to light. We’ve found that often, through the grace of God and helping our fellow members, such shortcomings as self-centeredness and insensitivity are lifted from us.

Do I find that sharing with others in the Program helps me see myself?

Today I Pray

May I, in looking inward, not become so preoccupied with my own shortcomings that I am unable to reach out to others in Gamblers Anonymous. May my faults, which had become magnified in my action days as a compulsive gambler, be revealed to me gently in time as I continue to work the Program with conviction and sincerity.

Today I Will Remember

Sharing makes my faults less glaring.