So often, in the past, we prayed for things, a windfall, or a streak of luck. I’ve learned in Gamblers Anonymous that real prayer begins—not ends—in asking God to change me. In fact, that’s exactly what the Seventh Step suggests: humbly asked God (of our understanding) to remove our shortcomings. We ask God for help through His grace, and the amazing thing is that such a prayer is answered if we truly want it to be. Our own wills are so much a required part of the result that it seems almost as if we had done it. But the help from God is even more necessary; without Him, we couldn’t possibly have done it alone.

Have I asked God to help me change myself?

Today I Pray

May I learn to pray broadly—that God’s will be done, that God remove my shortcomings. No need to specify what these shortcomings are; God who knows all, knows. May I learn that details are not necessary in my praying. All that matters is my humility and my faith that God does, indeed, have the Power to change my life.

Today I Will Remember To ask God to change me.