Very few of us know what we really want, and none of us knows what is best for us. That knowledge is in the hands of God. This is a fact I must ultimately accept, in spite of my rebelliousness and stubborn resistance. From this day forward, I’ll limit my prayers to requests for guidance, an open mind to receive it, and the strength to act upon it. To the best of my capability, I’ll defer all decisions until my contact with my Higher Power has made it seemingly apparent that the decisions are right for me.

Do I bargain with my Higher Power, assuming that I know what’s best for me?

Today I Pray

May I not try to make pacts with my Higher Power. Instead, may I be a vessel, open to whatever inspiration God wishes to pour into me. I pray that I will remember that God’s decisions are better for me than my own fumbling plans, and that they will come to me at the times I need them.

Today I Will Remember

I will not bargain—or bet—with God.

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